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[ft-l] Keeping Hiking Trails as Hiking Trails

Thanks Deb for your reasonable views.  You are right!   If there is not 
proper signage then how is a person to know?  Perhaps some type of prohibitive 
material can be placed at entrance points to hiking trails such as logs or rocks 
to climb over.  Hey! A PUD in Florida!  What a great idea!

The hikers will applaud that action and those who ride will get a clear 
message.  Not that proper signs should not also be used.  They indicate to all the 
reason for the trail and may even indicate the nearest wheeled or horse trail 
for informational purposes.  Perhaps a registration book can be placed at 
trailheads with maps and/or information about the length of the trail, the 
viewpoints, the services available, etc., and also some indication of the sponsor or 
club which maintains the trail might also be of use.

What do you think?

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