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[ft-l] Backpacker website poll

Well said David,

In respects to damage, as one who maintains the FNST in the Ocala I can
certainly attest to the damage bike do to the trail.  Erosion on slopes,
banking on curves and loosening of soils in sandy areas are all contributed
to by heavy bike use.
>From: "David L Rohe" <drohe@fs.fed.us>
>To: ft-l@backcountry.net
>Subject: Re: [ft-l] Backpacker website poll
>Date: Fri, Jun 20, 2003, 10:07 AM

>It is not about the ability to co-exist.  That is possible, as has been
>shown on multi use trails.  It is about the specified designation of any
>particular trail.  36 years ago, the FT mission was started and continues
>to be a footpath the length of the state of Florida.  The definition of the
>Florida Trail is footpath.  The people who build and maintain the trail do
>so to complete this footpath specific mission.  There is nothing wrong with
>mountain biking, nor is there anything wrong with biking the length of the
>state.  But, if a person wants to do that, they need to follow the example
>of the FTA, not the same exact footpath.  Start a biking organization,
>recruit volunteer members, pay dues, work with land managers to build a
>trail that is designated as the Florida Biking Trail, a bike path the
>length of the state of Florida.  Do not come in after someone else has put
>in the money, time, and sweat; look at them and say thanks, I'm going to
>ignore the signs, the stated purpose of this trail, and do whatever I darn
>well please.  The greatest things in life require sacrifice.  The people
>who build and maintain "Florida's Footpath Forever" (the Florida Trail's
>official motto), have sacrificed.  If anyone likes to bike, then sacrifice
>the time and effort required to build something great.  I would support a
>Florida Biking Trail, I would support efforts necessary to see it done, but
>not at the expense of others efforts to build a footpath, called the
>Florida Trail.
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