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[ft-l] Keeping Hiking Trails as Hiking Trails

It seems to me that there will always be "problem people"; rude people,
people who ignore the signs, people who sneak up on you, those holier than
thou folks as well, inconsiderate people, etc.  It's the human way.  We're
never going to be able to get rid of all the problem people out there.

Education is one solution.  People need to be educated on what a trail can
be used for.  I believe that half or more of all "problem people" incidents
are probably due to lack of understanding or just pure stupidity.
Enforcement of policy is another problem.  Without some kind of
repercussions, fines for example, why would anyone pay attention to the
signs.  But, of course education and enforcement take time, energy and

I think the best solution is to make the hiking trails "less appealing" or
"less accessible".  If you want to get rid of the horses on the trail, don't
cut down the low branches.  Leave a few of those low branches; horse riders
will hate it.  If you want to get rid of the mountain bikers, leave those
small blow-downs on the trail.  I'd love to see a mountain biker jump a two
foot log.  Well, some might make one log... but not three in a row.  Making
the trails less accessible is probably the quickest way of seeing change.

Jeff Walters