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[ft-l] Special Alert: Bush Administration Failing NationalParks

Thanks Jack for the inspiration!  I will try to make the effort in the
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Subject: Re: [ft-l] Special Alert: Bush Administration Failing NationalParks
Date: Wed, Jun 18, 2003, 8:31 AM

One of the axioms of management is that the attitude of the Leader is
transmitted by those who are under his or her supervision.  So if the
attitude exhibited is poor then a letter to the supervisor with a copy to
someone higher in the chain of command is a way of letting him know that
attitude is dismal and needs to be changed.  

Perhaps some of these people have worked in Corrections or the Military
where attitude is pretty poor.  Now they think that the public is to be
treated as if they were perpetrators or underlings.  They are wrong and the
only way to correct this misapprehension is to write.  

It takes effort to sit down and write.  The moment has passed.  Another park
can be utilized.  Why go through the bother?  Who will care, after all?  And
so the actions and attitudes of the rude are solidified.  NO!  Do not let
this happen!  WRITE!  Get the details, (names, badge numbers, time of day,
date, etc.) and put it down.  I even ask, "Who should I write to in order to
make suggestions for improvement in the park."  Get the brochure and then
look up the park on the Internet.  When you write ask for a reply. 
Sometimes (if it is a State Park) I write to the Governor and then the
letter gets referred to the Commissioner who oversees a particular area.  If
a letter is written to the President of the US or to a Cabinet member those
particular people may not see it but it does filter down to someone who is
responsible.  Letters are effective.  A letter with a cc to the local
congress person indicates that others are aware and therefore a response is
more likely. 



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