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[ft-l] Special Alert: Bush Administration Failing NationalParks

I really don't want to write those letters that frequently when I go out in
the woods.  My tendancy to to go somewhere else.
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Subject: Re: [ft-l] Special Alert: Bush Administration Failing NationalParks
Date: Tue, Jun 17, 2003, 8:43 AM

Privatized Workforce people are subject to budgetary influences.  If poor
treatment is given to those who utilize the parks and trails a letter so
indicating to their supervisor or to the agency overseeing that area should
result in some action. The manager of the privatized park does not want to
lose the contract.  Sometimes the workers who may indeed be less qualified
or less able to breach the gap between official and consumer interests
require more training in customer relations.  If names (and badge numbers if
indicated) are mentioned in the letters then those in charge will be able to
correct wrong actions and attitudes.  I would also reprimand (in a very nice
way) the rude workers and let them know that a letter will be sent regarding
their stance. 

If more people wrote letters indicating displeasure then there would be
changes made.  Communication is necessary even if good experiences are
enjoyed.  People who receive good recommendations tend to grow in that light
and continue to become aware that they are in the people business.  

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