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Hi Mark,

I used to take 12 to 14 yr old recruited from a Military School into that
area during the summer for weekly hikes.  My suggestions:  Eat common meals,
pakage each mealinto single packages, carry one big pot for cooking meals,
another large light kettle for heating water (attach to packs with bunge
cords, one stove, a standard single cup and spoon for each camper, (use a
fire when you can - fire starters are important), Check out mountain house
foods - their # 10 cans are perfect for group trips - look under survival
foods - repackage to ziplocks, tarps for shelter - four to a tarp, light
ground cloths, one per camper - plan on five to eight miles a day, take a
days break halfway through the hike-take two collapsable plastic pails one
for bathing and another for carrying and one as an aide for water
purification.  Use saws - no axes or hatchets.

Good luck,  Dick   
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>Date: Thu, Jun 19, 2003, 11:13 AM

>I don't think I ever got back with you on our Scout trip.  Our troop went
>this past January 2003, exactly as you recommended, from Clearwater Lake to
>Alexander Springs.  Since most were first or second year scouts, the
>distance was perfect.  They had a super time, surviving two nights at or
>below 30.  Thank you so much!
>We also backpacked with the older guys on Cumberland in February.  Our
>strongest hikers are heading to the AT for a backpack trip in the Fontana -
>Wayah stretch.  We've done lots of conditioning (e.g., trips up the
>Lighthouse, bridges, treadmill, bike, etc).  Do you have any recommendations
>for things to bring, do, or avoid?
>Thanks in advance,
>Mark Nickerson
>Scoutmaster, Troop 288
>North Florida Council
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>Hi Mark,
>I have extensive experience on the FNST in the Ocala.  I would suggest you
>might want to start at Clearwater and go north and save the other end
>(Juniper to Pats' Island is a no hunting area) for another time in the event
>you want to hike it sometime in hunting season.  Yes hunting season is over
>in Feb.  The board walks between Clearwater and Juniper tend to be very
>slippery when wet and caution should be used.  For the most part they will
>be over dry land and you can walk beside them if you desire.  (They are not
>that extensive.)  Alexander Springs should be open and active.  The Seminole
>Randger Dist Office telephone # is 352 669 3153.  You could call them and
>get specifics.
>Dick Schuler
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