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[ft-l] New poll percentages

Don't worry about it. Internet polls are notoriously inaccurate ... I could 
log on there and hit "NO" several hundred times, if I had the time or 
inclination. Someone's obviously doing that with "YES." Better to send letters to the 
editor at Backpacker to express your opinion: the one you posted earlier today 
to the list would be quite appropriate.

I'm out on the trail all the time and have hiked single-track mountain biking 
trails as well as hiking trails: only when they're posed okay for hiking; I 
was turned away at Oleta River State Park in Miami by rangers who said "those 
trails are for bikers only." Pity, given the lack of hiking in Miami. Like you, 
I agree that USER GROUPS should be responsible for the building and 
maintenance of their own trails. It's quite another thing if a governmental agency 
(such as the forest rangers in State Forests) build, blaze, maintain trails: then 
if they want them to be multiuse, so be it.

I was at a Cross Florida Greenway public forum a few weeks ago and was very 
perturbed with the equestrians who thought it just fine to go trotting on the 
section of the Florida Trail I maintain (despite the land manager pointing out 
that they had their own trails), and in the next breath asking if prisoners 
from the sheriff's work farm could come out and maintain the horse trails! 
Amazing attitudes out there. I bike, too, but NOT on hiking-only trails.

Cheers, Sandy
author "50 Hikes...in Florida" series  ;-)
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