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[ft-l] New poll percentages

My vote was "no" to bikes on hiking trails.  I have just recently backpacked on the C&O Canal which is a multiuse trail on the towpath.  It was lovely even though it rained the whole time.  Most of the bikers did not let us know when they were approaching from behind which I found rather rude.  The same thing happened on the Virginia Creeper rail/trail and also on the rail/trails around Morgantown, West Virginia.  Sometimes bikes riding 2 abreast on the tow path would not even give half the path, causing us to step off the treadway (this didn't happen often).  The family groups seemed to call out to us more regularly than others.  However on hiking paths the damage is the big problem, especially in areas where the trail is wet most of the time or when there is a lot of rain.  All those trails were very nice and went through some beautiful, pristine, environments.  The C&O follows the Potomac, which was in flood stage.  It was awesome!!  Mary Pat