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[ft-l] Backpacker website poll

I voted yes because I think most bike riders can coexist just fine with
hikers on the same trail as long as they observe one simple rule:  reduce
your bikes speed or pull over when approaching hikers.  Most bikers do this,
but there's always the inconsiderate ones out there that will blast right by
people and spook the living daylights out of them. I think that's what
upsets hikers the most.
When I'm not hiking, I'm usually out doing long leisure rides through the
country on my bike. I'm not too fond of the typical mountain bike trails,
since they usually have too many turns and obstacles. You can't even look up
and enjoy the scenery without running into something. I just wish there were
more sections of the Florida Trail open to bike riders. Maybe one day I'll
be able to bike from one end of Florida to the other on my most favorite

The Boonie Man