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I don't think I ever got back with you on our Scout trip.  Our troop went
this past January 2003, exactly as you recommended, from Clearwater Lake to
Alexander Springs.  Since most were first or second year scouts, the
distance was perfect.  They had a super time, surviving two nights at or
below 30.  Thank you so much!

We also backpacked with the older guys on Cumberland in February.  Our
strongest hikers are heading to the AT for a backpack trip in the Fontana -
Wayah stretch.  We've done lots of conditioning (e.g., trips up the
Lighthouse, bridges, treadmill, bike, etc).  Do you have any recommendations
for things to bring, do, or avoid?

Thanks in advance,

Mark Nickerson
Scoutmaster, Troop 288
North Florida Council

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Hi Mark,

I have extensive experience on the FNST in the Ocala.  I would suggest you
might want to start at Clearwater and go north and save the other end
(Juniper to Pats' Island is a no hunting area) for another time in the event
you want to hike it sometime in hunting season.  Yes hunting season is over
in Feb.  The board walks between Clearwater and Juniper tend to be very
slippery when wet and caution should be used.  For the most part they will
be over dry land and you can walk beside them if you desire.  (They are not
that extensive.)  Alexander Springs should be open and active.  The Seminole
Randger Dist Office telephone # is 352 669 3153.  You could call them and
get specifics.

Dick Schuler