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[ft-l] Special Alert: Bush Administration Failing NationalParks

This is not privatization. Privatization would be if the land was sold to 
private companies, and they managed/developed it in the most economical way 
possible. This is a "partnership" between government and private companies, 
which means it's subject to the same sort of corruption that operates in 
any government-run business. Government and business don't mix. The purpose 
of government is to protect individual rights, not to provide people with 
hiking trails, hunting land, forest timber, etc.

At 08:07 PM 6/16/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>The campgrounds and Springs in the Ocala Nation forest are privitized.  On 
>my hike through there this spring, so many of the "privitized" workers I 
>encountered in those areas were extremely nasty, rude and hiker 
>unfriendly.  And I don't mean just a few.  In my mind, privitization will 
>be very bad for the parks.  Several other hikers I ran into on that trip 
>had the same perceptions.
>On the other hand, government park rangers that I've met on my AT hike 
>last year always seem extremely dedicated and committed.  If it's 
>privitized, they'll only be looking for the very cheapest of labor and I 
>can guarantee you won't see the same caliber of employee.
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>If Privatization can lower the expenses of maintaining the park and 
>forests then what is wrong with that?  Many government agencies maintain 
>their budgets by asking for more and more each year without proper 
>utilization of their finances.  When I was in the U.S. Navy almost half a 
>century ago the word was that more money had to be asked for than what was 
>asked for the previous year.  Any monies which had not been spent as the 
>new fiscal year approached had to be spent quickly (sometimes on items not 
>even necessary) so that the upline regulators would see that more money 
>was needed for the next fiscal year. Privatization, with proper 
>supervision, can be made more efficient than governmental agencies.
>I would come to the conclusion that the Bush Administration is not failing 
>the NPS but, to the contrary, is making the NPS more efficient and is 
>responsive to the needs of the people of the United States.
>I believe that this week the NY Times carried an article stating that the 
>current administration had provided some good guidance for National Parks 
>and National Forest entities.  Oh, to be sure, the NY Times gave the news 
>that the legislation and decision of the Administration included some 
>possibilities of new roads, etc., but these are valuable for fire fighting 
>crews and can be useful for maintenance crews.
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