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[ft-l] Special Alert: Bush Administration Failing NationalParks

The campgrounds and Springs in the Ocala Nation forest are privitized.  On my hike through there this spring, so many of the "privitized" workers I encountered in those areas were extremely nasty, rude and hiker unfriendly.  And I don't mean just a few.  In my mind, privitization will be very bad for the parks.  Several other hikers I ran into on that trip had the same perceptions.   

On the other hand, government park rangers that I've met on my AT hike last year always seem extremely dedicated and committed.  If it's privitized, they'll only be looking for the very cheapest of labor and I can guarantee you won't see the same caliber of employee.    
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  If Privatization can lower the expenses of maintaining the park and forests then what is wrong with that?  Many government agencies maintain their budgets by asking for more and more each year without proper utilization of their finances.  When I was in the U.S. Navy almost half a century ago the word was that more money had to be asked for than what was asked for the previous year.  Any monies which had not been spent as the new fiscal year approached had to be spent quickly (sometimes on items not even necessary) so that the upline regulators would see that more money was needed for the next fiscal year. Privatization, with proper supervision, can be made more efficient than governmental agencies.   

  I would come to the conclusion that the Bush Administration is not failing the NPS but, to the contrary, is making the NPS more efficient and is responsive to the needs of the people of the United States. 

  I believe that this week the NY Times carried an article stating that the current administration had provided some good guidance for National Parks and National Forest entities.  Oh, to be sure, the NY Times gave the news that the legislation and decision of the Administration included some possibilities of new roads, etc., but these are valuable for fire fighting crews and can be useful for maintenance crews. 


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