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[ft-l] Weather

I lead a ten mile hike at Jonathan Dickinson SP every month and have had anywhere between two and twenty participants.  Yes it is a little warm but I don't think it is any worse than it was while hiking on the A/T in Virginia last June.  We try to get an early start and take a few breaks.  We also do the mountainous section (sand dunes) first while it is still cool.  And the thought of a birch beer float at the Dune Dog keeps everyone moving along...
I have seen no heat related illnesses on any of these hikes.  A hot, sweaty, dripping wet, buggy, muggy day hiking is better than a cool day sitting on my butt.
But then again, I walk a thousand miles just for the fun of it. 
Bob aka LWOP
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    So what are they saying?

  I stated that I chose not to hike in summer in south Florida, simply because it is too hot.  They're saying I should get acclimated, turn my air off, etc. etc.  This is mainly coming from New Englanders.  I don't mind the heat, as long as I can escape from it after a while.  But a week long hike in the Glades in summer?  Forget it. 



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