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[ft-l] Weather

That's pretty much it. Someone said it was impossible to hike in Florida in
the summer and others claimed it wasn't any worse than Arizona (one
example). It was pointed out that Arizona doesn't have 90% humidity and that
you can hike all you want in Florida if you follow Mark's advise below. But
it is hot no doubt about it.


"Si vis pacem para bellum"

  It is a silly series of, I'm from AAA and grew up in BBB.  I've hiked in
CCC weather with DDD humidity and (pick one - was just fine, practically
died, everything in between).  I will consolidate the meaningful items:
hike year round, use sunscreen, slow down when you need to, avoid mid-day
(esp. w/o trees and sunscreen), drink water, drink extra water in the summer
and take a swim when hot.

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    So what are they saying?

      Hey folks!  I don't know how many of you are on the at-l list, but
there has been some discussion about hiking in Florida, particularly
southern Florida, in the summer.

      I was just wondering how the rest of you Floridians feel about it.



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