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[ft-l] Weather

Yeah, it's hot.  But that can be an advantage in that you will probably have
the trails all to yourself.
Last week Audrey Minnis, Magda Cassidy, Fran Philp and I did the newest
trail in the Florida Trail System - Seabranch Preserve.  About 5 miles - met
at the trailhead at 7 am, out around noon for lunch at a local seafood
place.  We saw 2 other day hikers - both heading out as we headed in.

Ocala is also another place to hike in the summer.  Just plan on hitting a
spring swim area and spend the heat of the afternoon there.  Don't know if
I'm up to backpacking and sleeping out in the heat of August, but for sure
day hiking doesn't have to come to a halt during the summer.