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[ft-l] Weather

In a message dated 7/27/2003 11:38:05 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
KellyGoVols@aol.com writes:

> Hey folks!  I don't know how many of you are on the at-l list, but there 
> has been some discussion about hiking in Florida, particularly southern 
> Florida, in the summer.

Well, it's hot. But last year I started hiking in South Florida on Sept 1. 
Call me crazy, but as long as you get out there around 7 AM and finish by noon 
and don't mind all the wading involved (which keeps you cool), no reason why 
not to!  The folks in the Loxahatchee chapter hike all summer, with scheduled 
public hikes at Jonathan Dickinson (10 miles), John Prince (3 miles) and 
Okeeheelee (3 miles) all summer long.

On a related note, Clyde Butcher has 200 people already signed up to do 
guided Swamp Tromps on Labor Day weekend, where I'll be debuting my newest book on 
hiking South Florida!

Cheers, Sandy  (who is no longer on AT-L)
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