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[ft-l] Parking?

"Bob Sartini" <r.sartini@rcn.com> wrote:

>Does anyone know if there is a motel in Oviedo? Some guides say yes others
>no. Appreciate any input....

There's the Oviedo Lodge which is right in the quaint "old
downtown" area near the BBQ place and the Post Office on SR-434.
I have never stayed there so I cannot vouch for it's quality or
cleanliness although it looks ok :

Oviedo Lodge 148 North Central Avenue Oviedo, FL 32765 (407)

There are a few more modern places to stay further on down the
road around UCF, about 5 miles from Oviedo.   La Quinta (11805
Research Parkway) and Orlando Comfort Suites (12101 Challenger
Parkway )

Bob j