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[ft-l] Big Cypress conditions

I can't help you with current conditions, but I suggest you
leave the waders at home and take tennis shoes.  Also, you
will be lucky to see a gator.  In 20 years of hiking the FT
I've seen exactly 1 on the trail and yes, it was in Big
Cypress.  But it was also the first one in there that the
local swamp trompers had ever run into.  Everyone of us
gathered around it for loads of photos.  You may see them
from a distance in the canals, etc. if it's warm and you are

You must obtain a permit through the FTA Office to hike
through the Big Cypress Indian Reservation.  Since they (the
Reservation) require at least 30 days notice, if you have
not already requested and/or received your permit, you
CANNOT hike through there and will have to walk roads to get
around it.


> I plan to start a hike of the FT from the southern
terminus at Loop Road to
> Lake Harbor on February 7th.
> Can any of you listers give me current trail conditions?
Am I likely to be
> up to my knees in alligators? Having read that much of the
first part of the
> trail is underwater even in the dry season, I have bought
hip boots for the
> trek.
> George D. Meek