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[ft-l] Suwanee River Hike - For a bunch of Boy Scouts


I have been looking over my FT maps and came up with an idea that I'd like
an opinion on.  I am taking a Boy Scout Troop on a backpacking trip in March
(See my earlier email on this subject).  Here's an idea.

Drive up to White Springs (Stephen Foster State Folk Arts Center area) on
Friday night and camp.

Hit the trail Saturday early, heading West, toward Suwannee Springs.  Knock
down most of the hike toward Suwannee Springs, camp along the route (this
might be an issue) heading to County Road 132 on Sunday Morning, where our
second vehicle awaits, possible parked at the Spirit of Suwannee Campground?

Looks like that would be a 21 Mile Weekend.  So if I decide to take a crack
at this segment, I need to shorten it up a bit for my crew.   Need to think
that through.

Anyway - anyone had experience in the segment - the writeup sounds like
"just what I am looking for" in a FT Segment.

Jerry Spruill