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[ft-l] FT Trip Report and Question

Our Boy Scouts had a successful beginners backpacking trip, Clearwater
Lake to Alexander Springs over the January holiday weekend.  We found
the weather to be fine, albeit very cold nights.

Our scouts had met the weekend prior with Joe Butler of Black Creek
Outfitters in Jacksonville.  Joe was an excellent "Eagle Scout/outside
consultant/expert" for the boys.  He inspected backpacks to show our
guys what to bring and how to pack.  He adjusted straps and belts for
the best fit.  He pointed out how to repackage items to reduce weight
and suggested some of the newer materials available for use instead of
cotten.  Because of this our youngest scouts (always a concern) did

A question for the list, we know about the developed and partially
developed sites on the trail.  However, as a Scout leader its very
difficult to plan a trip in the ONF if we can't make a reservation.  Has
someone put together a list of places to camp on the trail, with mention
of their frequency of use.  As a long-time FTA member and former
section-leader, I recognize this often is done by word of mouth.  I note
in the FT trail guides I have, that primitive spots are mentioned along
with their section mileage.  If I knew the ten good spots between
Alexander Springs and Juniper Springs to camp, besides developed sites
at Farles Lake and Buck Lake, it would be easier to plan a return trip
to do leg two of the forest.

Because I've been over the entire ONF and personally know, or knew, a
number of the list members, it not a big deal for me.  I just know there
are many troops who opt to sit in State Parks and not backpack because
they can't count on a reservation and the site information is tough to
locate.  I appreciate your comments and suggestions.

As always, thank you!

Mark Nickerson
FTA Member
Scoutmaster, Troop 288
North Florida Council