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[ft-l] Re: [at-l] FT Trip Report (VERY long)

wonderful trip bluetrail! So glad to see you out and about, especially afte=
a second fusion.  Ive always loved that section of trail.  Never had the
truck stop effect at hidden pond though, guess I was lucky.  I just may hav=
to plan a March trip for myself and do a little walking down there again..

My best to you and your hiking buddy!


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Ocala National Forest
January 18-20, 2003

You thru-hikers can laugh if you want, but this 26-mile, 2.5 day hike was m=
longest to date. My feet look as if I stuck them into a whirling blender an=
it would take 10 minutes to inventory everything that hurts, but I'm proud
of myself.  My pack with food and water weighted 22 lbs, respectably low
because my hiking friend carried most of the shared equipment.  I accepted
his help for now and because I=E2=80=99m just 4.5 months past a 6.5 hour se=
cervical fusion surgery.
could make it the whole way.

... much cut out for space's sake...

I got home about 1:30 Monday.  No sooner had I gotten out of the shower,
than the phone rang.  It was an FT thru-hiker hoping for a place for the
night.  So much for a post-hike peaceful afternoon.  Now I=E2=80=99m planni=
ng a
February trip!

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