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[ft-l] Florida freeze

I'm my feelings about today's freeze are divided.  I ate the shrinking oran=
ge groves.  One of the nicest things about living in Florida is the wafting=
 scent of orange blossoms in late February/early March.  It's absolutely in=
toxicating!  And I feel sorry for those still making their living in the ci=
trus industry.

On the other hand, I am thrilled if the freeze killed off the ###$%^&*@ Cub=
an tree frogs I recently found in my yard.  Conversations with UCF biologis=
ts and Seminole County Natural Lands folks confirm my invasion isn't an iso=
lated one.

In taking down the fall wreaths on my double front doors prior to putting u=
p the Christmas wreaths, I found 5 of the critters on one door and 6 on the=
 other.  They're beigey gray, brown or brown spotted, flattish and almost a=
s big as my palm.  They eat the native little green tree frogs!  And the @#=
$%&^* things wet all over the door when I tried to knock them off with a br=
oom.  Those that didn't wet on the door, sprang toward me, wetting all the =
way.  YUCK!  I'm an outdoorsy gal, but I draw the line at peeing frogs leap=
ing at me.

One website says the most humane way to get rid of them is to pop them in a=
 bag and stick them in a freezer (but be careful because their skin is slig=
htly toxic).  I'm hoping Mother Nature's deep freeze did the job for me.