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[ft-l] Re: COLD!

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In a message dated 1/24/2003 12:51:37 PM Eastern Standard Time, KellyGoVols

> And they thought Citrus Canker would kill'em off!


Yes, I agree that our "poor" Florida orange trees have been subjected to all
kinds of assaults by Mother Nature, including the latest cold snap...  On the
other hand, our current Florida citrus industry uses techniques involving
introduction of tree material from other places anyway!   (It's my
understanding that they have to mechanically graft branches of "tasty citrus"
onto "cold hardy" Florida root stock citrus trees in oder to produce
commercially appealing citrus.  And, lots of chemical agents are used to
combat the natural "pests" that attack the citrus trees and fruit.)

So, maybe these natural assaults are just the earth's attempt to rid the land
of nuisance exotic species.   The real shame is that the dead orange grove
areas in Florida usually get turned into new subdivisions or shopping malls
full of people, instead of back into the natural Longleaf Pine and other
native forests that they once were...

Cheryl aka Swamp Blar

p.s.  OK, I'll try to get down off my Mother Nature Cheering Section soapbox