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[ft-l] Re: COLD!

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><A HREF="mailto:icw@esisnet.com";>icw@esisnet.com</A> writes:

 take an orange tree to bed for us, so we can still have OJ to drink this
> summer! :)
and kellygovols@aol.com responds:

Well, the groves down here in South Florida should be ok.  In order for
damage to be done, they have to be exposed to temps below 32 degrees for 48
hours, and that's not going to happen.  However, Central and North Florida
groves may have cause for concern.  This winter has been something else!  My
one good sweater has about had it!

A Report from Frigid Central Florida:

The orange trees wouldn't fit in the bed.  (So, the frozen oranges still on
the trees must be "processed" and preserved very quickly, before they spoil.
And, these particular trees might not be producing many oranges in the
future.  It's too soon to tell how much damage the unprotected citrus trees
may have sustained.)

But, we have 2 kitties and a still-potted Norfolk Pine (our little Charlie
Brown Christmas tree) which were enjoying the warmth of the indoors last
night.   According to reports, it got down to around 27 degrees here last
night.  And, it has "warmed up" to almost 30 degrees now... :)

Cheryl aka Swamp Blar