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[ft-l] COLD!

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Man o'live!  It's going to be 15 degrees in Ocala tonight.  Poor campers!
Come to Florida for some good camping, and Poof!  They're in Antarctica. I
sure am glad I went LAST weekend.  I can't believe this.  I bet you we'll
have those rolling blackouts like in the early 90's.  We here in South
Florida are going to get hit with 25 degree wind chills and Key West will
have wind chills in the 30's.  Amazing.  HALF THE HOMES HERE DON'T HAVE HEAT!
 Bbbrrrrrrrr!!! I feel like taking my old blankets down to the bridge where
the bums sleep.  This is more unusual than a hurricane!

Can ya'll tell that I'm easily amused by weather, and not just a little
bored?  Maybe I should go write my trip report.