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[ft-l] Change of plans

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Well, folks, I just got up, had some coffee, kissed the boy good-bye, walked
to my truck, and I have not one but TWO flat tires.  It's a new truck, with
new tires.  On closer inspection, I noticed they were slashed.  Soooooo, I
have to get new tires, which really puts a dent in my hiking plans.  I'm
going to have to leave later than expected, and don't know if I'll make it to
Ocala in time to hike.  I still want to go, and I'm wondering, begging,
actually, for a place to crash.  I won't be a burden, I'll tent in a back
yard, I'll cook dinner, I'll do anything!  Please, if anyone has any ideas,
let me know.  I'm soooo disappointed