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[ft-l] Rainbow tribe?/Hiking in Ocala

I can just comment on the ones I saw down in Ocala and what the rangers had
to say about them when we ran into them. Just the fact that they seem to
feel that it is their right to take over a forest campground for weeks on
end when its rather obvious that these campgroups are not meant to serve
thousands of people speaks volumes in my mind. Perhaps not in others tho.
Just how do 5000 people use a forest campground with destroying the area


"Si vis pacem para bellum"
> On my last 5 day hike through Ocala forest this past June with my
> Boy Scout
> Troop, we met up with some Rainbow Family Members at Farles Lake.  While I
> admit, Leave No Trace was not a high point with this particular
> group, they
> were friendly and pleasant.  Though I did notice a lot of trash in the
> outlaying areas aroun Buck Lake.  I shared some Sage with them and had a
> good conversation, before we left on our way.
> Back in 1985 in Missouri's Mark Twain National forest,  I camped at the
> annual Rainbow Gathering over July 4th.  I had a great time.  We were
> welcomed as we backpacked in with the greets of "Welcome Home"
> and "We Love
> You".  Trash and litter was nonexistant or under good control considering
> the 5000 people that were gathered, and their "society" functioned rather
> peacefully and pleasantly, almost utopian.  Some Rainbow Families are very
> active in Environmental Issues and Concerns, as well as classic anti-war,
> anti-violence concerns.  Yes, there were many of the "Old Hippies", and a
> lack of clothing....and some seem to be nomadic beggars, if not
> gypsy-like.
> But overall, I've never has any problems with any Rainbow that I've met.
> mojo
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> > It was I, the Rainbow Tribe, Family or Pests are a bunch of
> over the hill
> > Hippies and their sprats. A lot of them spend most or all of
> the winter in
> > Ocala NF and they do not believe in leave no trace, washing
> themselves or
> > cat-holes either. They are accused of being the source of a lot of petty
> > crime with how much justification I don't know. The rangers loathe them
> and
> > try various schemes to make them move out but to little
> apparent success.
> > They have some websites:
> >
> > http://www.welcomehome.org/rainbow.html
> >
> > Its hard to believe that they aren't more well known. It can be
> a shock to
> > run into a pack of 50 year old men wearing loin clothes, scraggly beards
> and
> > smelling like thru hikers. I don't have anything against people
> like this
> > but when you get hundreds of them in the forest for months it can be off
> > putting.
> >
> > Bryan
> >
> > "Si vis pacem para bellum"
> >
> > > Someone mentioned the Rainbow tribe while responding to the
> cold-weather
> > > hiking thread. What is that?
> > >
> > >
> >
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