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[ft-l] Rainbow tribe?/Hiking in Ocala

It was I, the Rainbow Tribe, Family or Pests are a bunch of over the hill
Hippies and their sprats. A lot of them spend most or all of the winter in
Ocala NF and they do not believe in leave no trace, washing themselves or
cat-holes either. They are accused of being the source of a lot of petty
crime with how much justification I don't know. The rangers loathe them and
try various schemes to make them move out but to little apparent success.
They have some websites:


Its hard to believe that they aren't more well known. It can be a shock to
run into a pack of 50 year old men wearing loin clothes, scraggly beards and
smelling like thru hikers. I don't have anything against people like this
but when you get hundreds of them in the forest for months it can be off


"Si vis pacem para bellum"

> Someone mentioned the Rainbow tribe while responding to the cold-weather
> hiking thread. What is that?