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[ft-l] Cold weather hiking questions

All the responses you have are good, thought I would tell you what I do.

In cold weather the only extra stuff I carry are: windstopper fleece gloves,
windstopper fleece ear warmer, lightweight fleece shirt and pants, full rain
suit (the new two layer gortex like stuff seems to be the lightest you can get
and still keep the rain out) and one pair of light weight long underware (which
up to now, I've only used at night).  The rain suit is for, in addition to rain,
to stop the wind in low temperatures.  My base layer is a long sleeve tee shirt
and light weight nylon pants.  I've found these layers to work down to 32
degress F with no problems.  If you get hot at 50 degress (some people do, but
not most Floridians), take off the rain suit and then the fleece shirt and pants.

I'll repeat Sandy's warning here - DON'T put your tent next to a fire.
Personally, I don't like hanging out the tent to cook food or cooking in the
vesitible, same problem as putting a tent next to a fire - too dangerous.
Paul J Guyon
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> OK folks, cold to me is anything below 60, and I'm headed to Ocala next
> weekend, where the predicted highs are in the 50's, lows in the lower 30's at
> night.  My questions herein are probably going to sound stupid, but alas, I
> have not a clue.  So, any help will be appreciated.
> 1.  Will I need gloves?
> 2.  Will my water and stuff freeze?
> 3.  What extra gear should I bring?
> 4.  What extra clothing?
> 5.  Is it safe to hang my upper body out of the tent and cook breakfast while
> the rest of me stays in the tent and toasty in my bag?
> 6.  how close is too close to set your tent next to a camp fire?
> 7.  What are the warning signs of hypothermia?
> 8.  Also, since the daytime highs are going to be in the 50's, and I am,
> afterall, hiking, do you think I'll get hot and wish I had on shorts and a
> t-shirt?
> I think that's it.  I'm sure I'll think of a hundred things I should have
> asked when I'm out there, so feel free to put in your two cents.
> KellyGoTitans (who, thanks to the Jets, will be playing in Oakland next
> weekend).
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