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[ft-l] Ashby Box

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I am sad to report that Ashby Box, longtime Florida Trail member and trail =
builder, passed away on Monday, January 6.  He was 89.

Ashby was instrumental in the construction of several sections of the Flori=
da Trail, most notably the Kissimmee River and Prairie Lakes/Three Lakes se=
ctions.  For many years, Ashby also led the annual Kissimmee River hike; th=
ose who participated will always remember evening campfire entertainment fr=
om Ashby's harmonica and bottle of blackberry brandy.

For those of you in the area who may wish to attend services, visitation wi=
ll be held this evening (1/8) at Beach Funeral Home (321.777.4640) in India=
n Harbour Beach, with a Celebration of his Life service at 6:30.  A Mass of=
 Christian Burial will be held Thursday, 1/9, 10:00 am at Holy Name of Jesu=
s Catholic Church (321.773.2783)  in Indialantic, with a graveside service =
to follow at Florida Memorial Gardens (321.636.5054) in Rockledge.

If there are no hiking trails in Heaven, rest assured there will be, now th=
at Ashby has arrived.  Happy trails, Ashby Box, and God rest ye.

~Pam Hale