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[ft-l] (Guest Post) Going Hiking--big time!

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* by our guest Teresa French <cubsngators@aol.com>.
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I've been busy for the last month or two, first due to computer problems, t=
hen due to frantically trying to wrap up work and home duties to head for S=
pringer.  Tomorrow, I leave a lot behind, but I look forward to what's ahea=

I want to thank all of you for answering questions when I've asked, and for=
 the support you've given me.  I apologize for not replying to all who've s=
igned my guestbook with words of encouragment, but I appreciate ALL those w=

If you wish, keep up with my progress at www.trailjournals.com/wench.  I'll=
 check occasional email at cubsngators@aol.com also.

Who knows, maybe next year, I rediscover "home" by hiking the Florida Trail=

Thanks again!
(formerly farina, now Wench)