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[ft-l] fees in the Ocala National Forest

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And as Cricket was saying, Alexander Springs, Juniper, etc. charge full pri=
ce, but if money is an issue, alot of people pay the day use fee and camp o=
utside the campground.
 If you hike southbound, you would be welcome to park at my house(about 1.5=
 miles from Clearwater Lake)   Clearwater parking lot is also free and I've=
 not heard of any vandalism there.  It's about 75 yards from the host's cam=
ping site.
Welcome to the Ocala!
 Are hikers afforded a reduced fee or no fees at the facilities(Alexan
der, Juniper, Hopkins) in the Ocala National Forest? I am going to be hikin
g from the locks in the North to Paisley while on spring break.


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