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[ft-l] fees in the Ocala National Forest


I am not aware of any reduced fees at the established camping areas.  There
are locations you can park for free, but without much security.  You can
park at Juniper Springs for $10.00 per nite.  If you hike into a place like
Juniper or Alexander, they might have an overflow camping spot for your
group if they are booked up in the regular campsites.

If hunting season is not in effect, you can camp anywhere along the trail
for free....or use established backpack sites during henting seasons for

As for day use fees, I have been through Juniper Springs and Alexander
Springs with backpack groups.  Most of the time, they make us pay full price
($3.00 / day?).  Sometimes, a nice soul at the entrance will let us in for
free, knowing that we will not be there all day.  This has happened only
once out of 4 times.

Good luck.

Mike Otten

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I almost forgot to check into this, and I don't have the headquarters phone
numbers with me here at work. So maybe someone can answer me before I get
home. Are hikers afforded a reduced fee or no fees at the
facilities(Alexander, Juniper, Hopkins) in the Ocala National Forest? I am
going to be hiking from the locks in the North to Paisley while on spring

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