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[ft-l] fees in the Ocala National Forest

Hikers without vehicles are exempt from paying the camping
fees at the Forest Service fee demo sites.  These include
Lake Delancy, Grassy Pond, Hopkins Prairie, Farles Lake and
Buck Lake.  In the developed campgrounds (Salt Springs,
Juniper Springs, Alexander Springs and Clearwater Lake)
hikers are expected to pay the full fee just like everyone

This really isn't too bad, because there are nice campsites
near the major campgrounds so you have a choice.  The gate
attendents at the campgrounds sometimes allow backpackers to
enter to obtain potable water without paying the day use
fee, but it depends on who is working the gate at the time.

Note:  The day use area (including concession stand,
restrooms and entrance gate) at Alexander Springs is
currently being rebuilt.  Because of archeological
constraints they had to tear down the old buildings and
rebuild on the same site - just like at Juniper Springs last
year.  As of yesterday the whole place is a construction
mess.  Planned completion date is by Memorial Day.

Deb Blick
Trail Inventory Coordinator
Florida Trail Association

>I almost forgot to check into this, and I don't
> have the headquarters phone numbers with
> me here at work. So maybe someone can
> answer me before I get home. Are hikers afforded
> a reduced fee or no fees at the facilities(Alexander,
> Juniper, Hopkins) in the Ocala National Forest?
> I am going to be hiking from the locks in the North
> to Paisley while on spring break.
> Brad
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