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[ft-l] Big Cypress

George, the same time you were out there, my wife and I were at Big Cypress
and we took some video of hikers which I posted the links to in the Florida
Trail Association online Forum @ http://www.florida-trail.org/forum/  in the
"Hike the Florida Trail" section.  We only had time to hike a few miles that
day but took some nice footage.  It's a beautiful area.

Jim "HotFoot" Quinlan

> From: "George Meek" <george@meekconsulting.com>
> To: "Florida Trail" <FT-L@mailman.backcountry.net>
> Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2003 12:15:26 -0500
> Subject: [ft-l] Big Cypress
> I solo hiked the Big Cypress from Loop Road to Alligator Alley (35.5)
> Feb. 7-11. They were seven-mile days, as predicted, but water levels were
> not above the knees. I was glad I wore hip boots the whole way, despite
> urgings of other hikers to leave them home. They kept my feet and legs
> and dry.
> Dozens of alligators (and vultures) on the Loop Road, but I didn't see a
> on the trail. Just two snakes. to which I gave a wide berth.
> For those of you who haven't done this section, I highly recommend the Oak
> Hill campsite (not on the 2002 map). Just six or seven miles south of
> Alligator Alley, it's a beautiful shady oasis in the endless sea of
> with dry level campsites and logs to sit on. Well marked.
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