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[ft-l] Big Cypress

I solo hiked the Big Cypress from Loop Road to Alligator Alley (35.5) miles
Feb. 7-11. They were seven-mile days, as predicted, but water levels were
not above the knees. I was glad I wore hip boots the whole way, despite
urgings of other hikers to leave them home. They kept my feet and legs nice
and dry.

Dozens of alligators (and vultures) on the Loop Road, but I didn't see a one
on the trail. Just two snakes. to which I gave a wide berth.

For those of you who haven't done this section, I highly recommend the Oak
Hill campsite (not on the 2002 map). Just six or seven miles south of
Alligator Alley, it's a beautiful shady oasis in the endless sea of sloughs,
with dry level campsites and logs to sit on. Well marked.

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