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[ft-l] Notice to hikers: Bull Creek

I don't recall seeing anything posted about this lately, and just received
this for the Footprint. Please pass word along to thru-hikers headed to the
Bull Creek loop:
The FNST along the east side of Bull Creek WMA is currently under water from
Yoke Branch to the north end of the tramway.  There are also 2 foot bridges
missing and 1 bridge under water.  Though the trail is passable, it is
advisable that hikers use the alternate blue-blaze trail along the road to
bypass this area.

For northbound hikers, the blue trail is poorly blazed, but when crossing
Yoke Branch bridge continue following the road until it turns sharply to the
west.  At that point go east on the road 50 yards to pick back up with the
northbound trail at Map Data Point 6.
...alternatively, (from my personal experience) northbound hikers can use the
west side of the loop. Follow US 441 north from Three Lakes to the Broussard
Forever Florida property. Orange blazes lead to the northwest corner of the
loop. Head north to Hunt Camp when you reach the loop at the fence line.

Cheers, Sandy