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[ft-l] Spur of the moment hike...?

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I could give you a shuttle to or from Paisley area in the Ocala NF early Friday....
You could probably make it to Juniper Springs in three days.  I don't have my map, but it's about 25-30 miles.
I leave for work around 8:00, but I could shuttle you earlier.
Let me know if you're interested,
Trailtalker(in Paisley)

Anyone have a suggestion for a place I can hike this weekend without a lot of
advance notice? I'm looking for 3 days, 2 nights, 30 miles or so. A loop
preferably since it would be hard for me to end-to-end with only one vehicle.
I'm in Brevard County, but willing to drive 3-4 hours to the trailhead.

Or maybe I should just start planning ahead more...?


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