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[ft-l] Wheelchair accessable trails around Melbourne

Head for turkey creek sanctuary in palm bay.  Wonderful little 140 acre
nature preserve including a nice long boardwalk.

Also, if you go to the highway 192 entrance to the bull creek wildlife
management area, you can hike the levee south a couple miles to the
water control structure and a very nice pond.

To get there, you park on the right side of 192 (without blocking the
gate) right before a bridge 2 miles (I think its two miles, someone
correct me if im wrong) past Deer Park. The gate is on the south side of
the road. The hike is obvious.

You can also do Erna Nixon park behind the Melbourne square mall.


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My name is Martin, I'm looking for wheelchair accessible trails in the
Melbourne area. Got any ideas?

    Thanx -- Martin

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