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[ft-l] Tent information

Hi all,

I am looking for some input from anyone concerning the Sierra Designs Clip
Flashlight 2 or 3 tents. I see that they are light and somewhat compact. I
might have my daughter going with me from time to time so that is why I am
concidering the 3.

But, my main concern is this, how are these tents on venelation, I hate to
wake up in the morning with a layer of water all over the inside of the tent
and everything else from the vapor in my/our breath condensing. I have been
concidering other tents due to the feature of the no see-um roof panels
because of this. Also how comfortable are these tents , another reason I am
concidering the 3 is that it would be more roomy with not much gain in
weight. Thanks in advance for any input.

Brad Grant