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[ft-l] Seminole-Okeechobee conditions?

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In a message dated 2/7/2003 1:02:35 PM Eastern Standard Time,
george@meekconsulting.com writes:

> Anybody been on the FT between Seminole Reservation at Lake Harbor in the
> past couple of weeks? Would appreciate a word on current conditions.
> Thanks.

Yup. I hiked it with two friends on Jan 17th weekend. High and dry. Plenty of
water in the canals. We did from the north end of the reservation (at the L-3
canal bridge) to John Stretch Park, Lake Harbor, in 2 days, 2 hours. DON'T
plan to camp at the site shown on the map. It's a roadside park. Pick a
pretty place beforehand, between the dike and the canal. Take the time to
enjoy the marshes at Rottenberger WMA, great birding. There's a nice tree
makes a good campsite a couple of miles past the roadside park, too, on the
right. Watch out for sugar cane burns, don't pitch near cane in flower. We
used water from the canals for drinking (treated, of course). Gave me a
little intestinal distress, but the guys were okay.

I'd suggest you walk around Lake Okeechobee counterclockwise, it's a much
nicer hike headed up through South Bay, Pahokee, Okeechobee to Okeetantie
than the west side. Okeechobee is a great trail town.

Cheers, Sandy