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[ft-l] Tent information and opinion

Brad, I have used an older model 2-person Clip Flashlight on some of my VER=
Y limited backpacking and with some more extensive vacation car camping.  I=
t's a good tent, but with two people in it, there will be some condensation=
 if you are using the tent fly.  (Or maybe I just breathe too much!) Howeve=
r, there's not as much condensation as some single-walled tents.

On the other hand, by today's standards, it's NOT the lightest tent around.=
  If you plan on using two hiking sticks, check out this custom tent:
These tents weigh less than 2 lbs, as opposed to the almost 5 lbs. of the 2=
-person Clip Flashlight (that's with a groundsheet).  If you look around, t=
here are several other tents that are lighter than the Clip.
Then again, there WILL be condensation.  You can always wipe the tent out i=
n the morning with your bandana or a scrap of a pack towel that can be hung=
 on the outside of your pack to dry.
How many nights will your daughter be tenting with you?  If the answer is "=
not too many," then I'd probably get the 2-person tent rather than a 3-pers=
on and save carrying the extra weight.  There's room for two fair-sized (an=
d I'm more than fair-sized) people in the Clip and you can stowe some gear =
in the vestibule where it's within reach but not taking up tent space.

Personally, I'm dreaming of one of those ultralight tents.

Just a thought,