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[ft-l] Tent Opinion

I think you will like your Nomad or 2-4-2, even if it takes
Kurt a long time to deliver.  He usually gets swamped with
orders around the beginning of the year from AT thru-hikers
and he gives them a certain priority.  I have 2 Nomads
myself and love them.  But I didn't recommend them because
the orginal poster seemed very concerned about condensation
and all single-wall tents have that problem to some degree.

But for those who are not overly concerned with a bit of
condension on the inside of the tent and are willing to
accept that condition to cut their tent weight down to
approximately 2 lbs for a 1 or 2 person tent, check out the
following 2 websites:

http://www.wanderlustgear.com  (Nomad and 2-4-2)
http://www.trailquest.net/store.html  (Tacoma, Tacoma-for-2,
and Arapaho)

These are tents made for hikers by hikers.


> I've used a Clip 2 as a solo tent for several years.  It's
roomy for one,
> except for headroom.  The high point is so close to the
door that you have to
> wiggle up close to the door before you can sit up.  (I'm
5'6" and I can sit
> up, much taller than me, maybe not)  I've had minimal
problems with
> condensation, but with two people in there you'd probably
have to keep the
> fly open a bit at the vestibule to perk up the air
circulation.  All in all,
> I've liked the tent, but I have a replacement lighter
weight tent on order
> from Wanderlust Gear.  Of course, I've been waiting for it
for 5 months now,
> but he assures me it'll be here soon!!!
> Diane
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