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[ft-l] Tent information and opinion

We've been using a Clip Flashlight for a year or so now. As others have
mentioned it works well for 2 friendly people I doubt you need a 3. This is
especially true if you daughter is a preteen. Its a tent for sleeping in
tho, not for doing things in like some of the bigger tents, meaning it's
small inside. If the weather is going to be good you can leave the fly
behind and cut down on the weight a bit. It is easy to set up once you have
done it a time or two, take us about 5 minutes at the most. All in all I
like it.


"Si vis pacem para bellum"

> Hi all,
> I am looking for some input from anyone concerning the Sierra Designs Clip
> Flashlight 2 or 3 tents. I see that they are light and somewhat compact. I
> might have my daughter going with me from time to time so that is why I am
> concidering the 3.
> But, my main concern is this, how are these tents on venelation, I hate to
> wake up in the morning with a layer of water all over the inside
> of the tent
> and everything else from the vapor in my/our breath condensing. I
> have been
> concidering other tents due to the feature of the no see-um roof panels
> because of this. Also how comfortable are these tents , another
> reason I am
> concidering the 3 is that it would be more roomy with not much gain in
> weight. Thanks in advance for any input.