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[ft-l] FL RUCK

If you need more specifics, email me privately with your questions!

You are invited to join us in Kissimmee, Florida, near Orlando, for
the first ever Florida Ruck on Saturday, January 24th beginning at
11am and going until we have talked each other out.

Main Events:
Comments by some of the 2003 Thru Hikers
Display of shelters (we have Nomad 2-4-2, Shires Tarptent, Europa,
Hennessy and Biblers covered) so bring yours if you have a different
one you like!
Copies of some of the more thorough gear reviews this last year
Tuckerizing--bring a full pack and prepare to be downsized
Favorite Gear Show and Tell--bring a couple pieces of gear that you
love, think are cool or have proved to be reliable tools
while on the trail.
* Since we are a pretty laid back group down here, we reserve the
right to do none above and just sit and talk--drinking margaritas or
brewskis are optional.

Robby (Lopaka) will be grilling hotdogs, burgers and chicken wings.
BYOB of your favorite beverage and a side dish or appetizer (bags of
chips, chocolate anything or the like are good for you out-of-
towners). We will have all the utensils, condiments and such.

Robby has offered his backyard for those who want to pitch a tent
there--but he takes no responsibility for the fireants you may find
creeping into your bag. The same goes for Jackie's house, but, you
will also have to watch out for the dog poo too!

We are also currently trying to procure a group, primitive site
close to Robby's house for those who want to camp.

In Orlando you may stay at a city park, Turkey Lake Park, located
near Jackie's house and about a half hour from Robby's for $7 per
primitive tent site up to four people per tent (sounds cozy, huh!)
by calling (407) 299-5581.

Hotels in Kissimee are plentiful although we will be in high season
so they may be pricey. Try to get one on the east side of Kissimmee
near the Turnpike if you book a hotel.

Directions to the Ruck will be emailed to you once you have
confirmed you can come. If you have any topics you would like
covered, please let us know so we can tell our "speakers" to address

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  Can someone give me the details? I might go, if my Dad's feeling ok and it's not on the Boy's birthday.


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