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[ft-l] Where to Hike?

In a message dated 12/14/2003 11:52:51 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
jichat@yahoo.com writes:

> Can ya'll throw out some ideas for a 40-50 mile hike on the FT starting New 
> Year's Day?  Anything within reasonable hiking distance, excluding the Ocala 
> NF area(I live there). 

Go to Eglin. 40+ miles of unbroken (no roadwalk) hiking from US 331 to south 
of Crestview. You'll need to contact them in advance (ASAP) for a permit. Or, 
you could hike 1/2 of the Big O, no permit required, and a few other people 
will be out there doing it too...

Cheers, Sandy
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