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[ft-l] Hikes near Marco Island

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> Any suggestions and sources of related
> maps and books?

Marco Island is rather distant from big mileage hiking opportunities. The 6.5 
mile Collier-Seminole Hiking Trail (see "50 Hikes in South Florida") is a 
pretty rugged wet walk through the Big Cypress Swamp, as is the 7.8 miles of the 
Florida Trail from Oasis Ranger Station south to Loop Road. If you want to do 
long miles on shaded tramways, head over to Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State 
Park, where FTA members have cleared something like 30 miles of tramways for 
hiking. Check in at their park office for details (there's a little bit on it 
in "50 Hikes," including how to get there). Lee County (Ft Myers area) has a 
LOT of hiking, but most of it is short. Most rugged opportunities there are the 
CREW Marsh, Estero Scrub, and Winkler Point, all of which are slippery and wet 
in places.

Hope that helps!

Cheers, Sandy
author, "50 Hikes in South Florida"  (which has maps as well as hike 
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