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[ft-l] Juniper Creek Trail??

Am I correct that the southern end of Juniper Creek Trail is in Blackwater
River State Park?  And that about 7 or 8 miles north, there's a road
crossing with a primitive little park, right at the creek?  (Or is it the

Thanks for your information Lee I Joe, I appreciate it!
Journal updated:  11/21/03
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From: "L. Clayton Parker" <l_parker@cacaphony.net>

> I have taken my two boys on lots of hikes on trails allover the southeast
> since they were each four years old. The one common thing I can guarantee,
> is that if there is water near the trail or campsite, they will enjoy the
> trip. Of course, this also means that you need to PLAN on them getting
wet -
> a lot!
> As for the trail, its great you ALL will love it.
> Lee I Joe