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[ft-l] FT photos

In a message dated 12/1/2003 9:25:35 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
dblick@cfl.rr.com writes:

> Sandy has been on vacation, but I assume as FTA's paid public relations
> coordinator she "might" be a person willing to undertake the task along with
> the FTA VP for Public Relations, but I will leave that decision up to them.
> I know Sandy is always asking for vertical shots suitable for Footprint
> covers.

Hi gang!
Actually, I've been on the Big O, which was my vacation this year. But now 
I'm "back to work," albeit still on the road in South Florida for the week. 

If there are photographers out there who'd be willing to share their photos 
with FTA for promotional purposes (for slide shows, brochures, Powerpoint and 
the like), absolutely, positively, I'm happy to work with you on it. I've 
donated the use of over 100 photos of my own before actually working for FTA. And 
I'm always looking for good Footprint cover shots...

Please feel free to email me off-list to discuss. As Deb pointed out, we do 
need to get a release form in place, but I'm still fine with accepting and 
archiving your photos at the office and putting their general use on hold until we 
get that piece of paper straightened out. You're always welcome to send me 
photos for the Footprint ... just specify that's why you're sending them.

Thanks, and happy holidays!
Sandra Friend
FTA Communications Coordinator
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