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[ft-l] FT photos

To everyone who is emailing me personally and privately about sending ME
photos of the FT - Thank you.  But I should point out that I personally am
not the person responsible for FTA's publicity efforts nor am I willing
personally to undertake the effort of collating all the photos and making
sure both model and photographer releases are signed and on file for all the
photos.  I will be on the road more than home or in the office through June,
2004 and simply can't take on that role for FTA, as much as I would enjoy it
and see the need for it.

As Pam Hale pointed out recently and I myself didn't realize, FTA doesn't
even HAVE model and photographer release forms.  We do have some folks
working on preparing us some samples and then we will have to have them
scrutinized by legal counsel (unfortunately a necessity in our litiginous
society) and then maybe we will have them to share with our membership.

I was simply floating an idea here on the list that I thought might help
FTA.  Judging by the response (I've received over two dozen personal
emails - doesn't anyone post to the list?) there appears to be a bunch of
folks who would be willing to share their photos with FTA, once we get the
legalities straightened out.

Sandy has been on vacation, but I assume as FTA's paid public relations
coordinator she "might" be a person willing to undertake the task along with
the FTA VP for Public Relations, but I will leave that decision up to them.
I know Sandy is always asking for vertical shots suitable for Footprint

Once we get the release forms approved, we can post them on the FTA website
and to this list.  Then maybe we can have an "FTA Photo Shoot Day".